This series was inspired by the 2016 Presidential Election and atmosphere of our nation at the time. The very first flag was created during and just after the Presidential Inauguration in 2017. 

These American Flags have been created on both reclamation and newly upcycled wood.The reclamation wood pieces originate from now demolished buildings in downtown Richmond, Va. and surrounding counties. Likely dating back to the early 1900's, old growth wood was used in the construction because of its strength and longevity.


These American Flags have also been painted and stained using acrylic paint, inks and dyes on upcycled, new growth, milled wood that is used today in many household projects.

Bringing together the past and the present of our country and our city.




American Flag #5

This American Flag has been created using both reclamation and newly upcycled wood. The reclamation wood pieces originate from a now demolished barn built during the great depression in Buckingham County, Virginia. The red paint on the wood boards is the original paint of the barn and now encased in epoxy resin. Old-growth wood (oak) was used in the construction of these buildings because of its availability, strength and longevity.  The newly upcycled wood in this piece is new-growth, milled wood that is commonly used today in many homebuilding and household projects.

American Flag #6

This American Flag has been created on a farmhouse door. The partial remains recovered from a recently demolished home in Powhatan Va, likely dating back to the early 1900’s.  Well-crafted and sturdy, homes built during this time period were  influenced primary by geography and built to withstand for ages .

American Flag #6 is inspired by the style and characteristics of the people of this region during the time.